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Image by Atikah Akhtar

Massad® Impression Trays

Massad impression trays help practitioners create a sophisticated fit to complement the beautiful smiles they create for their patients. They deliver incredibly accurate impressions while maintaining productivity.

Massad Overdenture Low Temp Tray.png
Massad Edentulous.png

Dr. Joseph J. Massad, DDS

Massad® Impression Trays are Back!

“I am pleased to bring my revolutionary impression trays back to the market and announce my partnership with Ransom & Randolph.

My trays are a perfect fit with R&R’s existing dental line. As one of the oldest dental suppliers and a global leader in dental stones and model making, teaming up with R&R just made sense.

We coupled the Massad tray system, including my new Overdenture tray, with R&R’s FiberStone™ resin die stone to create models for a variety of cases, including implant analogs, edentulous models, and small teeth fragment models. Our results have been excellent, with exceptional strength, detail, and scanning ability. I highly recommend FiberStone resin die stone!

Plus, finding my trays is now easier than ever with R&R’s distribution partners, global logistics, and e-commerce options.”

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